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What does the development function do?
The development function affects a player's grade (you can find out where this is displayed on a player's card in the 'basic info' section above).

How do I develop a player?
Once you have reached you reach Manger Level 8, the development tab of the player section will become available to you. You will need at least 2 of the same player in order to attempt to develop your player. Go to the development tab and tap on the player you wish to develop. Then tap on another player by the same name (the list will automatically reduce down to just players with the same name). The development preview will appear on the left, along with the Funding cost for development. If you have enough funding to attempt the development, you can then tap the 'DEVELOP' button. A confirmation screen will appear and you can then tap 'CANCEL' if you decide not to develop, or 'DEVELOP' if you wish to proceed with the development attempt.
Note that if your attempt fails your player's grade will be reduced back to +1 (so need to worry on your first attempt, as all players start out at +1).
If your development is successful, a screen will show with their new stats. If you are unsuccessful, then a screen will appear informing you of this.

Does a player's level affect development success rates?

No. The success rate of the development function is not affected by player levels, but it is affected by players' grades. For example, attempting to develop two +2 grade players has a higher success rate than attempting to develop a +2 grade player with a +1 grade player.


What does the transfer system do?
The transfer system allows you to quickly release your unwanted players, and receive fame (which can be used as a type of currency), as well as a chance to receive new players in return.

What is fame used for?
Fame is obtained by transferring your unwanted players using the transfer function. Once you have obtained enough you can use it to buy player stubs in the fame store.

How do I transfer players?
To transfer a player, go to the transfer tab within the PLAYERS section on the main menu. On the right you will see a list of your players. Tap on the players you wish to transfer, and on the left you will see the amount of fame you will receive, as well as the chance of receiving a player in return. The more players you transfer, the higher the chance of receiving one or more players in return.

Once you have selected the players you wish to transfer, you can tap on 'START' and the transfer will be made. A results screen will show, indicating the amount of fame you received, as well as the players you received in return, if any.

What are stubs?
Stubs are pieces of player cards, which, once you have enough, can be put together to give you a new player.

How can I get stubs?
Stubs can be obtained by first transferring your unwanted players to obtain fame. Fame can then be used as a kind of currency to buy stubs from the fame store, located on the transfer screen.

How many stubs do I need?
The number of stubs needed to complete a player varies based on their type, either 20 for world-class (purple) players, and 50 for legendary (orange) players. Once you have at least one stub for a player you will be able to see how many more you need on the stub screen.

How do I turn my stubs into a player?
Once you have at least one stub for a player you will be able to see how many you need in order to submit the stubs to receive a player. You can see this on the stubs tab within the player section on the main screen. Once you have enough, tap on the player who you have enough stubs for, and the submission fee that you need to pay will be displayed above a 'SUBMIT' button on the left-hand side of the screen. If you have enough to pay the fee, tap the 'SUBMIT' button and a new player will be yours!

Can my stub submission fail?
No. Stub submission cannot fail, you are 100% certain to receive the player you collected stubs for.

What are skills?
Skills can be obtained as items and then equipped to whichever player you choose to equip them to. Equipping different skills will affect your player's stats in different ways.

How can I obtain skills?
Skills are obtained by training your players in the training section on the main screen. Once each training is complete you will have a chance to receive skills.

How do I equip players with skills?
You can access skills via the skills tab in the player section on the main screen.

How many skills can one player have?
Players can have a maximum of 3 skills, however can only have 1 at level 1. You will need to increase the player's level before you can equip them with their 2nd and 3rd skills.

Can skills be removed from a player once equipped?
Yes. You can freely equip and remove skills as much as you like.

How do I get higher level skills?
Obtaining higher level skills requires you to train with higher level training cards. There are three levels of training card; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


What is the restore function?
The restore function allows you to retract some or all of a player's EXP and return their level to 1. Normal restoration is free, but only returns 50% of the player's EXP back to you. A complete restoration costs tokens, and returns all of the player's EXP back to you.

How do I restore a player?
From the main screen, go to the player section and then the restore tab. Tap on the player you want to restore, then tap on the 'RESTORE' button on the left hand side of the screen. Choose either a 'NORMAL' or 'COMPLETE' restore, then tap 'CONFIRM'. Keep in mind that the complete restore will cost you tokens. The player's EXP will then be returned to you in the form of EXP cards.


How do I transfer my account to a new device?
Your game data is connected to your Google account. All you need to do is log into your Google account on your new device an all of team should be ready and waiting for you!

How do I edit my username?
At the moment there is currently no way to edit your username. This feature may be introduced in the future.


I paid for tokens but I have not received them. What should I do?
We're sorry to hear that the transaction did not go ahead smoothly! Please send us a message via our Facebook page: or send customer tikcet through in-game "Help", including your username, user ID, a screenshot of your Google Play receipt, and the email address you use for Google Wallet purchases and we will work with you to find out what happened.


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